Tiworker exe windows modules installer worker

Method 8: This process is responsible for finding new Windows Update automatically and installing them. As you might be aware that Windows 10 automatically install newer builds i. As a result, you may be experiencing lags, or tiworker exe windows modules installer worker system might hang or freeze completely. Well, this is because the issue will not resolve by itself until and unless you fix the underlying cause.

Fix Windows Modules Installer Worker High CPU In Windows 10

tiworker exe windows modules installer worker

It prepares your Windows 10 computer for the installation and checks frequently for new updates. Also, this TiWorker. Generally, this windows modules installer worker will terminate all the resource that is necessary for Windows Update once the update is finished.

But sometimes due to any technical reasons these resources will keep on running in the background, Which Cause high System Resource usage and your computer gets slow down. Perform Windows clean boot that helps to determine if any third party service conflict causing windows modules installer worker high CPU usage problem.

Install All available Updates Make sure that you have installed all available Windows Updates on your computer. Windows 10 Is Set To download and install the latest updates Automatically. But if due to any reason they are not installed then you can manually check and install the available updates by following below.

Turn off Automatic updates for Windows 10 As this Problem is related to windows modules installer worker TrustedInstaller and Windows Update wuauserv service. Scroll down and look for services named windows modules installer worker. Double click on it to open its properties, Change the Startup Type Disable and click on stop next to service status.

Repeat this step for the Windows Update service Disable windows modules installer service Reboot your computer to take a fresh Start, This time windows modules installer and Windows update service no longer starts in the background.

And Delete previous update files, force windows to download fresh update copy from Microsoft server that helps to fix Windows update problems include High CPU usage on windows Scroll down, look for Windows update service. If TiWorker high usage issue is not eliminated continue to next solution. Checking the System Maintenance The system maintenance will take you into Number of steps which will remove unused files, shortcuts and performs task maintenance. You can not only fix windows modules installer worker High Cpu usage but also you can remove the other unwanted files.

This is an alternative solution for the above problem. To clear the TiWorker. This process can take some time so make sure that you have something else to do before you start the process. Fix Tiworker.

Some Times corrupted system files cause different problems on the windows computer. To check and make sure missing damaged system files not causing the issue Run the windows SFC utility by the following below. The SFC utility will start scanning for missing corrupted system files. This means the utility unable to repair missing damaged system files. Did these solutions help to fix windows modules installer worker high disk usage problem on Windows 10, 8.

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Tiworker exe windows modules installer worker