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Artists working in gold for over 30 years Topaz Artists working in gold for over 30 years Topaz crystals occur in a variety of colors, according to the amount of metallic trace elements present when formed, such as iron and chromium.

Dark-orange topaz is called hyacinth. The less valuable citrine and sometimes smoky quartz are sold as topaz. The ancient Greeks and Romans greatly valued topaz as a gemstone. Deep mining was later used at the site from to Topaz was a prized but rare stone from the Middle Ages until discoveries of large deposits in Brazil in the mid 19th century.

Now it is a popular and very affordable gem. A distinctive feature of topaz is its perfect, easy cleavage. This requires careful handling when stones are cut and polished, since specimens may split or develop internal cracks.

Even the warmth of a hand can cause cracks within. Colorless topaz is often cut as round or oval brilliants. Pendeloque stones in the mixed-cut style are also popular. Colored topaz is frequently cut as trap and table cuts. The stones will take a very smooth polish. The clear or pink, blue, and honey-yellow varieties, are especially valued. Pale pink topaz is often backed by red foil to increase its color. Orange stones are moderately priced.

Yellowish brown specimens from Brazil turn red. Stones with a slight blue color are normally irradiated with gamma rays to darken the color. Extended heating will produce colorless stones, but colorless topaz will turn brown when radiated.

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