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Torrent Encryption: Read our Torrent Encryption Guide. Step 3 – Torrent Safely and Responsibly That’s it, you’re all set up. Use your anonymity responsibly. Some of the ads may even contain executable scripts that can exploit browser vulnerabilities even without you actually clicking the banner.

As a result, there is often very little vetting or security screening of advertisers. Many banner ads link directly to pages that will instantly try to install software on your computer, or capture personal information about you or your browsing habits. Instead of replacing the ads with blank space, it actually reformats the space, so it’s as if the ads were never there in the first place. Once you use it, you’ll wonder how you lived so long without it.

If you can’t live without flash content in your daily life, then choose a separate browser just for torrent sites, and disable flash in that browser instead. Rule 5 – Never, ever EVER install a plugin or software after clicking a banner add, no matter how excited you were to watch the video they promised you.

Do it. When a user unsuspectingly runs the. It is sometimes possible to embed scripts in other types of non-installable files such as PDF’s, and certain video formats but in generally it’s alot rarer and these file types tend to less dangerous, even if they are malicious. It’s hard to install a rootkit from a PDF without directing you to download a file from a 3rd-party website.

It’s also a good idea to avoid. FLV flash video files. Rule 2 – Don’t run your computer in Administrator mode Instead of always running in admin mode like most users do, create a separate ‘low-level’ account on your computer and only use administrator privileges when changing system settings or installing trusted software. Rootkits, trojans, and other dangerous software need ‘Administrator Rights’ to make changes to your system settings that pose a security threat.

If you’re in administrator mode already, they already have the admin rights they need. If you’re in a low-level account without administrator rights you’ll get a popup notification requesting admin rights, which will alert you that something is wrong and your software is trying to do something dangerous. Run automatic system scans weekly, and set your antivirus to scan every executable file before running it the first time.

Rule 4 – Read the comments If a torrent file contains a virus, odds are it’s already infected other people before you downloaded the file. If anybody mentions a virus or questionable code, don’t take a chance. Do not download, do not pass go. Run away. Choosing a Torrent Client There are some incredibly powerful torrent clients out there like Vuze with all kinds of bells and whistles, plugins, addons, and extra functionality.

All those features come at a cost however, usually in the form of performance, and security. It’s worth deciding whether or not you really need all the extra features these programs contain, or whether you’d be perfectly happy with a lightweight, secure, and open-source torrent client that performs all of the essential security functions proxy support, encryption, etc with none of the bloat.

All of these clients support magnet links, dht, port-mapping, etc. Here are our favorite lightweight, open-source Bittorrent clients: Can be run in seedbox mode on a remote server. Proxy support, Encryption. Uses very few system resources. Here’s how to prevent these leaks: Use Tor The Tor Browser is a great, free option for browsing the internet anonymously. Use it for all your sensitive websites and searches that want stored in googles database, or your internet history.

Use an anonymous search engine Google tracks every search you ever make, and they attempt to track you through browser cookies, even if you’re not signed into your account. Use an anonymous search engine like DuckDuckGo for private searches. Some only affect specific providers, some affect entire VPN protocols. Here are some things you can do to minimize your risk: Let’s summarize what we learned: Download responsibly. Disable flash and use Ad-block to minimize the risk. Avoid altogether or use extreme caution.

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