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The Best Tax Software for 2019

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New tax laws and forms have altered the landscape significantly, making manual prep harder than ever. The best tax software can make filing your taxes a whole lot easier.

What a year it’s been for the IRS! The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act triggered many changes in the tax code, as well as the issuance of several new forms.

The A and EZ are gone, and the new for-all form is much abbreviated. There are six new schedules. All these changes for returns have kept accounting professionals and tax preparation software providers busy, to say the least. Now it’s your turn. Personal tax preparation websites are up and running, and the IRS is finally accepting returns barring further government shutdowns.

It’s time to think about gathering up all your tax documents and plugging your numbers into a tax site, which thirty-seven pecent of you do for yourselves, according to a recent PCMag survey.

If you’re still doing your taxes manually—using paper forms, calculator, and pencil—you should really consider moving the process online. Our survey showed that at least among people with enough computer savvy to take an online survey only 10 percent of you were doing your taxes manually, and only half of those people were sending your taxes in via snail mail the rest e-filing with the IRS directly.

For those holdouts among you, new laws and new forms are complicating what was already a complex activity. They might even help you get a bigger tax refund! If you’ve used a personal tax preparation website or desktop software before and you go back to that same product this year, you’re not going to notice much of a difference. Every site we reviewed this year has made improvements, some more than others.

But they’re the usual modifications—user interface tweaks and enhancements to support resources and changes to prices and product lineups. For the most part, this year’s crop of contenders looks and works much as it did for the tax year.

What’s going on in the background as your tax data is calculated and rerouted to accommodate the new laws and forms, though, is very different. The companies that make today’s leading tax sites worked extra hard in —so that you don’t have to in There are two that are likely to affect you the most. First is the lowering of individual tax rates. There are still seven brackets, but they’ve all been reduced.

You’ll be taxed at rates of 10, 12, 22, 24 32, 35, or 37 percent. Congress did eliminate the personal exemption, but positive changes to the Child Tax Credit may make up for at least part of this loss.

If your medical and dental expenses made up more than 7. It’s not all good news for individual taxpayers, though. The tax reform law has placed a new limit on the deduction for state and local taxes.

Interest on home equity loans and lines of credit isn’t deductible anymore, either, unless they’re used to, “…buy, build, or substantially approve the taxpayer’s home that secures the loan,” according to the IRS. Those are just a few of the highlights of the new tax law.

Here’s What You Need to Know. How Online Tax Software Works When you prepare your income taxes using paper forms, you spend a lot of time shuttling back and forth between them.

You come to a line on the that requires a supporting form or schedule, so you go there and complete it, and then transfer the number back to the Sometimes you’ll need to fill out a worksheet or chase down a document you got in the mail or double-check your calculations because things just don’t look right.

You may have to do this many times if your return has any complexity. Tax websites work much differently. Once you create an account and comply with the site’s security requirements, you can stop worrying about which forms you need and whether your calculations are correct. You also won’t need to worry about how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is going to affect your return. That’s all taken care of for you in the background. When you use a digital tax preparation solution, you’re really just filling out a giant questionnaire.

These sites work like giant wizards: They ask questions on every page, and you respond by providing answers. You enter information in blank fields, select the correct option from a list, or click a button.

When you’ve satisfied all the requirements of a screen, you move on to the next and complete that. You never have to see an actual IRS form or schedule though in some cases, you can if you want to. You’ll probably recognize the path you’re taking. It’s patterned after the order of the IRS Form You provide contact information first, including Social Security number s and birthdate s , and then move on to your income, deductions, credits, health insurance status, and taxes paid.

When you’ve exhausted all the topics that apply to you and seen a summary of your entries, these sites review your return and highlight errors or omissions you might have made. After you’ve cleaned them all up, the software transfers your tax data to any state returns you must file. Once you’ve answered miscellaneous questions there and checked your entire return, you’re asked to pay the service’s fees if there are any.

Finally, you can file your return electronically and print it out. After that’s done, don’t forget to use a good shredder on those documents once you’re done.

The Tax Software Interface and Process Along the way, personal tax preparation websites provide a lot of support for you. After all, how helpful would they be if they just displayed replicas of the actual IRS forms and schedules on the screen and asked you to fill them in using the IRS instructions? They’re designed to makes what is an unpleasant task more palatable.

They use color, graphics, design, and layout to present screens that are lively and attractive, rather than dull and lifeless like the actual forms. The step-by-step data entry path that they provide generally works quite well—as long as you work your way through your whole return without a lot of backing up or lurching forward. It asks you about every tax topic that might possibly apply to you. The other alternative, one that every online service offers, involves selecting the topics that apply to you.

You choose these from the lists they provide for income, deductions, credits, and taxes. When you select one, these sites walk you through mini-interviews to get the information they need. Then they return you to the main list to choose another topic, and so on, until you’re finished.

All of the sites we reviewed are a hybrid of these two approaches. The point is, all you have to do is read what’s on the screen and follow its instructions.

You spend most of your time responding to questions and clicking links to advance to the next screen or using the site-wide navigation tool.

These sites are good guides, most of the time. Speaking Your Language If you’ve ever filed a tax return, you know it can be a challenge to understand the IRS’s language on its forms and schedules. Turning to the written instructions sometimes doesn’t help much. They’re quite comprehensive—so comprehensive, in fact, that it’s often hard to find the answer to your exact question.

When you do find it, the language, again, can be difficult to decipher. From their earliest days, personal tax software developers have sought to interpret IRS-ese and make it more understandable to the non-accountant. They’ve written and rewritten their content so that the average taxpayer can understand what’s being requested. Further, sites like TaxAct do more. For example, they provide hyperlinks to small help windows that further explain a term or phrase.

They try to ensure that you understand the question being asked so that you’ll provide the correct answer. More Tax Help Needed?

Sometimes, though, a friendly, understandable user experience and clarification of the content displayed on screens isn’t enough. So tax websites provide online assistance. In some cases, this guidance isn’t available until you click a Help link. And sometimes when you do that, you have access to a giant database of questions and answers.

You may be directed to IRS instructions and publications on a few sites, but usually the technical content has been rewritten to make it understandable. What do you do if your efforts to find help on the site itself fail? You might have one of several types of questions: The first goes something like, “Where do I enter the information that’s on this paper form I got? What did I do wrong? I can’t find my way back to the screen where I enter mortgage interest information.

TaxSlayer, for example, offers all three. These technical support representatives cannot advise you on points of tax law, though. So some offer to hook you up with an accounting professional. Though you’ll pay extra fees, you’ll get the most innovative, most comprehensive guidance if you use TurboTax.

It turns out that you can get a lot for free. According to our tax survey, seventeen percent of you use free services, in fact. Twenty percent of you use paid software. Every company whose website we reviewed except Liberty Tax Online offers a version that costs nothing to prepare and file your federal taxes.

All support the new Form and assume you’ll be taking the standard deduction. You can record—or import, in some cases—your W-2 data in all of them. Each goes even further than that in some ways.

Block supports retirement plan and Social Security income, child care expenses and child tax credit, the Earned Income Credit EIC , and student loan interest.

Start for free. Upgrade at anytime.

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