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Change Log Visio Professionalfrom Microsoft, is used to create and share professional, versatile diagrams that simplify complex information. It includes all of the functionality of Visio Standard as well as updated shapes, templates, and styles. It enhanced support for team collaboration, including visio 2016 torrent ability for several people to work visio 2016 torrent a single diagram at the same time, and the ability to link diagrams to data. Visio Professional also adds additional stencils for business and engineering diagrams, process diagrams including Business Process Model and Notation, maps and floor plans, network diagrams, and software and database diagrams.

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Traditionally, an enterprise, we have installed Office ProPlus using a Windows Installer package. When you move to Office , this model changes. These changes can have a major impact on Project and Visio applications for some customers. To read out what the changes are and how we can work with them, read on below the fold.

The recommended model for Office application deployment with Office uses a technology called Click to Run. Instead of a traditional Windows Installer package, Click to Run uses application virtualisation to host the Office applications within a virtual package.

The licensing for this works with your purchased Office services. The licenses are activated by users signing in to Office applications with their Office account. It does not give you access to Visio or Project applications. For many organisations, they will continue with the licenses they already own under their EA for this pair. Being totally honest, the pricing for Visio and Project seem pretty steep.

When you install Office applications using the Office ProPlus Click to Run installer and then try to install Visio or Project, you will receive the following error message.

For a change, the error message is quite clear. You cannot combine installation technologies. The solution, sadly, was to continue to install Office using the Windows Installer application. At some point, this has changed.

Based on the release history of the Office Deployment Tool, it seems that this change came about in April. It is now possible to install Visio and Project applications using Click to Run whilst still using on-premises traditional licensing.

The reason this is amazing is because Office ProPlus offers up a number of updates channels to its users. When using the Current Channel, your users will be able to get monthly updates to office and get the newest and best features available.

For productivity, new features and tools are always valuable. When compared to Office with Windows Installer, yes, there are frequent updates but these are purely focused on security and performance, not feature. Click to Run Installation Scenarios How you chose to actually do this may vary depending on who you want to get Visio and Project in your organisation. It may also depend on how you are distributing Office currently.

I will present you with a couple of different options to help cater for most scenarios. No matter which scenario you want to invoke, you need this. Go ahead and download the latest version from https: If you have an existing copy of the tool, I would suggest downloading it again. The April release of the tool, version Without it, your installations will fail. Access databases, as an IT administrator are things we do not want to find anywhere.

An Access database means that people in the company have been storing data in a structured database without IT. Shadow IT as some like to call it.

Publisher is a poor mans desktop publishing suite. Most users will use PowerPoint for any posters or publishing needs they have. For marketing or people serious about document publication, they will have a bigger, better third-party package at their disposal. To this end, I like to disable Access and Publisher in my installation. You will see in all of my examples, two lines which exclude Publisher and Access.

Feel free to delete these lines for your use if you want to keep them available. Install Office Pro Plus, Visio and Project If you have a new client with no Office software installed currently and you want it all, this is the option for you. Start by creating a configuration XML file as follows. Create a configuration XML file as follows. Create an XML configuration as shown below. This is really easy using ODT. From an administrative command prompt, type the following command: If you look in the directory where you have the ODT tool, you will see a directory created called Office with a sub-directory called Data.

Inside the Data directory, you will see all of the. In my test, I created a single. The Data directory totalled 1. Install the Packages Once you have the package sources downloaded for offline use, it is time to do the installation. The installation is just as simple as the download previously. Simply enter the following command: In less than ten minutes on a machine with a fairly run of the the mill i5 processor and SSD I had Office, Visio and Project all installed.

Verify the Products are Licensed Once you have all of the products installed, you should verify that they have been licensed successfully. Here are some screenshots to show the Account page from Outlook, Visio for comparison. As you can see from the images below, all of the products are reporting as successfully licensed with Outlook getting its license from my Office E3 CAL and and Visio being licensed locally.

I have obfuscated the email address from the Outlook screenshot. This first screenshot is that taken from Outlook. This second screenshot is that taken from Visio. He has previously worked as a System Center consultant and as an internal solutions architect across many verticals. He is also an Assistant Cub Scout Leader.

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