What does convertxtodvd do

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ConvertXtoDVD Version 5 Complete Guide

what does convertxtodvd do

Viewing Page 3 — Go To Choose Menu Type As mentioned in the Introduction of this guide, ConvertXtoDVD can create menus that range from simple still picture menus to complex motion menus that have small thumbnail sized clips from your videos. Also, importantly, it has the option to not use a Menu at all. Since this guide is not about to spend paragraphs going through all the menus, I suggest you simply take a close look at them to see which you’d prefer, or you can opt for the “No Menu” option.

You will see a “Template Now Used” option first. Click it so it is selected, and then click it again. You will notice a select box will appear. Other than that, feel free to experiment with any of the menus you’d like, or choose not to use a Menu, which makes sense for a DVD with just one movie.

Here are some options and what they are Auto-start Playback: If this is selected the menu will be skipped when the disc is inserted into a DVD player, the menu will be shown after the Title. Loop playback: Instead of going back to the Title Menu when the last Title video on the disc has finished playing, if this option is selected you will be returned to the first Title video , instead of the Menu. Play titles one after the other: With this option selected, each Title video on the disc will play sequentially, that is when the first is finished, it will automatically play the second and so on, without going back to the Menu.

Skip root menu initially: Each Titleset video also has its own “Root Menu”. If this option is selected, then you will bypass the Root Menu when you select a video on the Title Menu. This is recommended because it saves time and effort. Return to the title menu after titleset playback: This is closely related to the above setting. In this case, one a titleset has finished playing, it will return straight to the Title Menu and bypass the Root Menu altogether.

Don’t create title menu for single video: To change this, click “DVD Options – Disc Name” so that is appears selected blue , then click it again don’t double click fast or it won’t work and you will be able to edit the name of your DVD. You will also notice from the picture above that you can do it for all Titlesets videos that you have added to the compilation. Remember each video will also show up on the Menu, so be sure to remember to customize this as above.

Encoding Quality To put it as simply as I can, the more time ConvertXtoDVD is allowed to spend encoding your video, the higher the output quality will be.

Click Settings and click Encoding, and you will see the same options as shown above. Here you can choose to have High quality video with the longest encoding time , Medium quality with the medium encoding time and Low quality with the fastest encoding time.

My recommendation always has been and always will be that if you are going to do this, you should do it right by always choosing the highest quality option. Target size: If you know what you are doing, you can also set a Custom limit on MB of data that can be used. Conversion priority: Each program that runs in Windows has an assigned priority – that is, programs are given resources based on their priority. However, I have found that opting for Highest or Time Critical simply doesn’t help very much.

I would suggest keeping it at Normal priority. When you are done with these options, there is one last thing to change, and that is burning settings. Click the Burning tab. Here are the settings Burn Result to DVD: If it is unselected then a DVD-Video compilation folder will be created on your hard disk drive which you can burn later on after you have previewed it.

Also note that there is an option to create an ISO available in the select box for DVD burners if you are interested in that.

Default DVD Label: The DVD Label is only a short label that will be read from the disc by hardware, it will not be displayed on the Menu. You can label the disc whatever you want. Add original files to DVD if possible: Delete folder after successful burn: Send burn statistics to VSO online database: No personal information is sent in these checks. However your participation is totally voluntary. Do not eject disc nor open explorer at the end of conversion: Does exactly what it says.

Always erase rewriteable disc without warning: With this option not selected, ConvertXtoDVD will warn you if you insert a re-writable disc that already contains data. If it is selected, it will automatically erase a re-writable disc with data on it before it writes. This is your call. This option should be left on Automatic. It exists for users who have problems burning to DVD-R media.

Unless you know what you are doing here, don’t touch it. This doesn’t matter unless you are burning the result to a DVD. When you are finished with these settings, click OK, and you will return to the main interface again. It’s time to begin. Start Conversion All that is left to do at this point is click the Convert button.

Depending on the amount of content to encode and the speed of your computer, the time this process will take will vary. If you opted to Burn result to DVD: Then you will be moving on to the next page. VOB ,. IFO ,. If you would like to know how to play the DVD on your computer from the folder, please read:

Part 1. Introduction & review

If you proceed here you accept our purchase terms and VSO does not refund your money if you are not satisfied with our products. Please read in details our. Make sure to always provide a complete path file here. For ConvertXtoDVD. In the working folder, you will find a created folder with the same name as from the.

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Convert, Edit, Cut, your DVD videos with DVD Converter Convert in 1 Click 1. Insert your video(s). Use either one of the buttons to browse for your files. You can. The software supports an array of formats from different devices that can be converted to DVD. The ConvertXtoDVD key is available for downloading the.

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What does convertxtodvd do