What Windows Do I Have? Windows is mostly the first choice of everyday users who want to enter into the world of computers. One big reason has been the lack of comparable alternatives. Anyway, even after all these years of existence, many users often ask what version of windows do I run? What version of Windows do I have?

Install Any Edition of Windows 7 From Any Windows 7 DVD

what edition of windows 7 do i have

Pinterest Windows Vista. People who have faster or newer Vista laptops should find they run better under Windows Microsoft People who have faster or newer Vista laptops should find they run better under Windows The minimum useful spec is something like a 2. If in doubt about Windows 10 , try it for free. Anyone can install it at zero cost simply by not activating it if you can cope with the nagging to buy it: You could also try installing a version of Linux, such as Mint If you have problems getting the Wireless LAN card to work, this might help.

Linux is not directly compatible with programs such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Apple iTunes and other mainstream software. Check to see whether you will be able to run all your essentials on Linux, or find usable replacements. All your current programs and data should stay the same as they were before. It is, of course, important to back up your PC and all your data first, because things sometimes go wrong.

Make sure that Vista is patched and up-to-date before upgrading. Windows 7 is no longer the current version, and there are scammers selling pirate copies, so caveat emptor. You will need to buy a version that is as good as or better than your current version of Vista.

See Windows 7 Upgrade Paths for more details. Further, in-place upgrades have to go from bit to bit versions, or from bit to bit versions, not from bit to bit versions, or vice versa. To do this, select the Custom option instead of the usual Upgrade option. One problem with upgrading to Windows 7 is that the DVD versions are now many years out of date.

The last time I did a clean installation of Windows 7, it was still installing updates three days later. Also, Windows 7 reaches the end of its life in , though you may need to buy a new PC before then. Is there an easy way to wipe it clean and do a new install of Windows 10? I have my data files backed up. Tim You cannot do an in-place upgrade from Vista to Windows 10, and therefore Microsoft did not offer Vista users a free upgrade.

However, you can certainly buy an upgrade to Windows 10 and do a clean installation. You can install Windows 10 first and then go to the online Windows Store to pay for it.

Determine the operating system bit count

Windows 7, a major release of the Microsoft Windows operating system, was available in six Unlike Windows Vista Ultimate, the Windows 7 Ultimate edition does not include the Windows Ultimate Extras feature or any exclusive features as. Everyone should know three things about the Windows version they have installed: the major version of Windows, like 10, 8, 7, etc.; the edition.

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You probably know if your PC is running Windows XP, Vista, or but do you know which version of Windows it is? For example, is it XP Home. It is not even a complicated thing to do. Windows 7 even tells you what edition you have, on the bottom of the screen (the one below is.

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