What is akamai net session

NetSession Interface Frequently Asked Questions Find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the NetSession Interface The Akamai NetSession Interface is a secure application that may be installed on your computer to improve what is akamai net session speed, reliability, and efficiency for application, data and media downloads and video streams from the Internet. It is used by many software and media publishers to deliver files or streams to you. If the software or media publisher uses the feature and if you enable it, NetSession can also use a small amount of your upload bandwidth to enable other users of the NetSession Interface to download pieces of the publisher’s content from your computer. The NetSession Interface runs in the background and uses a negligible amount of your computer resources or upload bandwidth when you are not actively downloading content. How can I see what it does and what is akamai net session its activity?

Akamai NetSession Client – Is it a dangerous program? Should I remove it?

what is akamai net session

The Akamai NetSession Interface is a secure application which when installed on your PC, upgrades the speed, reliability, and proficiency of data and media downloads and video streams from the internet. Many software and media publishers use this interface to bring files or streams to you. It runs in the background and uses an insignificant amount of your upload bandwidth when you are not actively downloading content. Installation and Download Akamai NetSession client at times comes pre-installed on your PC or it comes bundled with a significant number of applications and programs — especially with games that you install on your PC.

If you do not already have Akamai NetSession client and want to install it then go to the link below. It stays on your machine with minimal impact on memory, CPU capacity or disk space.

It does not view or share any private data on your machine. Its role is to improve the speed, reliability, and competency of downloads and streams securely without breaching your privacy. It downloads or streams content to you only after you have requested it from your software or media publishers. Your permission is required to install the client on your computer and you can remove it at any time.

It provides a console that allows you to review your NetSession activity and manage settings. You can stop Akamai NetSession temporarily. However, when you do, please note that any ongoing NetSession downloading or streaming will be interrupted until you restart the service or restart your computer. Steps for temporarily stopping NetSession: Choose the Preferences tab.

Under Service, click the Stop button. You will get a warning message as depicted in the image below. Click the OK button. The service will automatically start again when you reboot or restart your machine. Verifying in Windows: Go to the NetSession installation folder, which is normally either: Right-click the component file in question. Then select Properties from the menu that appears. Choose the Digital Signatures tab.

The signature should be marked as OK. Verifying in Mac OS X: Enter the command: Check if the component file in question has a valid signature. Enter command: Therefore, uninstall the service only if there is a serious need to do so. Furthermore, the Akamai NetSession Interface is a shared network library that may be used by multiple applications. You can uninstall this service correctly only after you have uninstalled other applications using the interface.

If you do opt to uninstall this service, the files downloaded to the NetSession cache folder will also be deleted. If you do not want to delete those files, copy or move them to a separate folder before you uninstall the service. Normally, you will find the downloaded files at the following path: Windows XP: Select Akamai NetSession Interface. Double-click the uninstaller app and confirm your choice.

Hence, it is safe to have it on your machine and you can remove it anytime you want to. If you have any doubts or want to share your experience, feel free to mention in the comment section below.

(Solved) – Akamai NetSession Interface – what/why & how did it get on my pc?

You might come across a program called Akamai netsession client developed by Akamai technologies while checking out programs installed in. FAQ about Akamai’s NetSession Interface, a secure application that improves the delivery performance of software across the Akamai media CDN.

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Is your PC asking you to grant Akamai NetSession Client permission to communicate on private/public network? Should you grant it network access? Is it a. Some advice, please. Cleaning up my startup folder via MSConfig, I found this Akamai NetSession Interface program. Apparently it speeds up.

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What is akamai net session