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To do this, you will either have to buy genuine Windows 10 product keys or find free product keys. Once you have genuine products keys, you can go ahead and activate your Windows Windows 10 setup key on for more information about activating Windows Free Windows 10 One of the most common questions people ask is whether they can install Windows 10 for free.

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windows 10 setup key

To help prevent software piracy, Microsoft requires Windows 10 to be activated before it can be used. All HP computers and tablets that come with Windows 10 installed activate automatically once connected to the Internet to make it easier for you to set up your computer. However, if you decide to install a different version of Windows 10 such as an upgrade to the Enterprise version or a store-bought copy of Windows 10, you need to activate Windows as part of the installation process.

There might also be situations when Windows prompts you to activate the product, even though the product has already been activated. You can also upgrade the machine just by entering the newly acquired activation key in the System properties. The system then automatically detects the different version of the operating system, and installs and downloads the new features and updates accordingly.

Click the headings below for more information about Windows 10 activation, steps to activate Windows 10, and steps for troubleshooting when Windows 10 activation is not successful.

Types of Windows 10 activation There are two types of Windows 10 activation: OEM Activation 3. Reasons Windows 10 might need to be activated again If your computer came with Windows 10 pre-installed, the following conditions might cause Windows to require activation through Microsoft: Installing certain device drivers and software. Uninstalling certain operating system software or files. Performing a clean installation of Windows Windows Activation terms The following list explains the terms that are used during the activation process: Requires a person to unlock the computer before Windows can be used.

No personal intervention is normally required to activate Windows, but the computer must be connected to the Internet for Windows to activate automatically. The agreement that the Windows user must accept in order to use the Windows product. Certificate of Authenticity COA: A proof of ownership identification method to help prove that a Windows product is not counterfeit or copied. The COA could be in the form of a label that contains a bar code and product key. A label included on computers that came with Windows 10 pre-installed.

The GML indicates which version of Windows 10 was originally installed on the computer. Product Key: A character alphanumeric code used to activate Windows. Installation Identification Number: A number generated based on the product key entered during Windows setup. Confirmation Identification Number: A number that allows you to complete the activation process. Activating Windows 10 Activating Windows 10 online is the quickest and easiest method. If you do not have an Internet connection, or if it is inconvenient to make a network connection, activate Windows 10 over the phone.

If your current version of Windows is not genuine and you are asked to activate Windows before you install Windows 10, go to Activating Windows before installation in this document. Activate Windows 10 online Connect to the Internet to activate Windows 10 online. Sign in to the computer as an administrator, and then connect to the Internet. Type the product key into the Product key field.

If you used discs to install Windows 10, you might find the product key on the disc packaging. Apply the Windows 10 Certificate of Authenticity label to your computer for easy reference in the future.

If you bought Windows 10 over the Internet, the product number might have been included in an email you received after purchasing and downloading Windows Windows automatically detects whether the product key is valid.

If a User Account Control message appears, type your password or provide confirmation. Typing the product key When the Thanks, you’re all done message displays, click Close. If activation is not successful, activate Windows 10 over the phone.

Activate Windows 10 over the phone If Windows 10 activation over the Internet is not possible, activate the product by contacting Microsoft on the telephone. If you do, Microsoft might direct you to purchase a new operating system. If the operating system does not need to be replaced, simply activate or reactivate your existing installation. Using the search box on the taskbar, type slui 4, and then select the run command slui 4 from the search results.

Selecting the run command slui 4 Select your country or region, and then click Next. Selecting your country or region Call the telephone number that displays on the Call and provide your installation ID screen, and then follow the instructions from the telephone system. Provide the Installation ID over the telephone when prompted.

When you are provided with the confirmation ID, write the numbers down. Click Enter confirmation ID. Clicking Enter confirmation ID On the Enter your confirmation ID screen, type the numbers into fields A through H, in the same sequence as provided by the telephone system, and then click Activate Windows. If activation is not successful, try to activate over the phone again, activate Windows 10 online, or, if Windows 10 came pre-installed on your computer, perform an HP System Recovery.

There are several different recovery situations to consider: If the computer shipped with Windows 10 and the Recovery Manager is functional, use the Recovery Manager to restore the computer to its default factory conditions. Windows 10 activates automatically when connected to the Internet. If the computer shipped with Windows 10 but the Recovery Manager is not functional, use the recovery discs to restore the computer to its default factory conditions. If the computer shipped with an earlier version of Windows but included an upgrade disc for Windows 10 provided by HP, restore the computer to its default factory conditions and then upgrade again to Windows If the computer shipped with an earlier version of Windows and you upgraded or custom-installed a full retail version of Windows 10, use the Microsoft DVD to reinstall Windows If the computer shipped with Windows 10 and the Recovery Manager is not functional, but you have not created the recovery discs, you can order a Windows 10 Recovery DVD.

You might need to contact Microsoft to activate Windows Activating Windows before installation If you are upgrading from a copy of Windows that is not genuine, you might be prompted to activate Windows 8. An activation window displays during pre-upgrade preparations. Click Accept to agree to the terms and conditions. Terms and conditions To enter a valid product key and activate Windows, click Activate now. Type your product key, and then press Enter. Your product key is located either on the box that the Windows DVD came in, or in the email you received that shows you purchased a genuine copy of Windows.

The product key looks similar to this: Typing your product key Windows 8 Figure: Typing your product key Windows 7 Once Windows is activated, click Start upgrade now.

Confirming that Windows was activated Verify that Windows activation was successful. Windows activation information Troubleshooting Windows 10 activation errors If an error message displays while you are attempting to activate Windows, try the solutions below to solve the problem. If you continue to get an error message, contact Microsoft to get support. Before contacting Microsoft, locate your product ID in the System properties.

To do this, type Product ID in the search box on the taskbar, and then click View your product ID in the search results. Windows Product ID The following table provides an explanation of activation error messages and possible solutions.

Error message What the error message means Possible solutions Windows 10 isn’t activated after upgrading from Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8. Windows did not automatically activate during installation. Go to Start , and then click Settings. Click Go to Store, and check to see if a valid license is available for your device.

If a valid license is not available, you need to buy Windows from the Store. This applies only if you have not made any hardware changes to your device. Windows isn’t activated. This PC isn’t activated anymore. If you reinstalled Windows or made changes to your hardware recently, you can contact support for help.

Windows 10 is not activated on the computer due to changes in the hardware configuration or because Windows 10 was activated multiple times on the computer. Go to Settings. If the issue persists, contact Microsoft Support for assistance.

Activate Windows. Restart Windows normally to get everything you need to activate. Windows 10 activation is not possible in safe mode. Restart in normal mode from Windows: Type msconfig into the Open field, and then click OK. In the System Configuration pop-up window, click Restart.

Contact Microsoft Support for further assistance. This product key didn’t work. Error code: The activation server reported that the Multiple Activation Key has exceeded its limit. To fix the problem, you need to use a different product key to activate your PC.

Contact your system administrator for more information.

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Computers that are running volume licensed editions of Windows Server, Windows 10, Windows , Windows Server R2, Windows 8. Windows 10 gives you a lot of options you can configure directly within years boot Windows 10 too quickly to listen for a key press at startup.

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Microsoft allows anyone to download Windows 10 for free and install it without a product key. It’ll keep working for the foreseeable future, with. During installation, Windows 10 will ask you for a product activation key. You will not be able to go ahead further without entering a valid key.

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Windows 10 setup key