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Windows 10 new features Let me list down some of the major featured introduced in Windows 10 up until now. Windows 10 comes with a new Start Menu. There have been huge improvements in touch UI especially the Continum which shifts to the touch friendly UI if the keyboard is detached from the computer. Now the modern apps will run like any other Desktop based app in a window windows 8 full version download iso full screen if you want. Finally the virtual desktops feature has been included in Windows

Windows 8 Pro ISO 32 Bit / 64 Bit Free Download

windows 8 full version download iso

Microsoft has been changing the way a computer can be used for many years. The developers at Microsoft try to stay ahead of time in order to effectively provide the users with the tools they will need to accomplish complex computing tasks and evolve with the evolving technology.

Even when Windows 98 was launched, it was a revolutionary change. It all just kept getter better with Windows XP and so on. The design kept getting finer and performance higher and faster.

Microsoft did face a little setback with the failure of Windows Vista which was supposed to capitalize on the groundwork that the exceptionally good Windows XP had set. However, the debacle of Vista was a blessing in disguise as it led to Windows 7, which was a complete operating system and even better than XP in every way.

Windows 7 was followed by Windows 8, which contains all the positives from Windows 7 and even goes a notch higher with interface design and premium features. Beautiful look, excellent in performance and immaculate security regarding user files and operating-system data files, are a few of its un-matchable top features.

If we talk about performance Windows 8 is way better than the past release Windows 7. Faster boot options make it is easier for you to choose Windows 8 as your new operating system. Therefore installing updated new Windows 8 operating system, to avoid such issues is the best thing you can do. In Windows 8 Microsoft has completely changed the layout of menus.

The start display is completely up to date in Microsoft Windows 8. New backgrounds and extra custom-made options. Windows 8 ISO Windows 8 is not only loaded with specs and features that are up-to-date with technology, but it also looks irresistible.

Microsoft has put a lot of effort in giving Windows 8 a beautiful and refined look to offer the users a wonderful and enriching experience. But, all of this advanced packaging comes at the cost of big file size for those who are not interested in buying a genuine CD or DVD. We have resolved this issue for you as we provide you Windows 8 ISO image file that contains the full version of Windows 8 in a single file of reasonable size. This Windows 8 ISO file is absolutely free and is guaranteed to work with any hardware that meets the minimum requirements.

What is meant by an ISO image file? ISO file itself is of no use unless the contents are extracted. For the extraction of contents, you can either burn the file or simply use extraction software like in the case with. The advantage of ISO files is that they are convenient to download, transfer and carry. You can download Windows 8 ISO file for free, extract the contents and install Windows 8 without any complications.

Windows 8 ISO file will enable you to gain lifetime access to the wonderful world of Windows 8 once you activate it. Key Features of Windows 8 pro iso Windows 8 comes with a breakthrough design and some amazing and useful tools that will assist the user in accomplishing any kind of tasks. This window is much more user-friendly and rich in features.

Windows 8 contains more than new features and all of them are available in full version of the Windows that you can get in Windows 8 ISO file. Here are some of the features worth mentioning: Easy Gestures Windows 8 is the highly gestural version of the operating system.

It uses high-end technology to support intuitive touch gestures. You can swipe the screen in a specific direction to perform a specific action. For example, you can swipe in from the left to switch apps and swipe in from the right to launch the Charms menu.

You can even pinch to zoom. Windows 8 ISO image file is filled with all such epic features. Lock Screen The lock screen in Windows 8 is much livelier. There is an option for you to select up to seven apps of your own choice to constantly run in the background.

The notifications from these apps will appear on the lock screen. Even the information from the gadgets like Weather and Calendar can be displayed on the lock screen. System-Wide Search Now you can search for any file, photo or folder right from the start menu. The new search tool allows for a system-wide search directly from the start screen. Also, the apps with built-in search feature allow you to search within that app from the Search charms bar. Cloud-Friendly Platform You can sync your personal settings across all your devices such as notebook, tablet, and PC.

Microsoft now allows you an account and cloud-based platform that makes it easier for you to carry your personal settings when you travel or switch between devices. Snap View Microsoft has taken the multitasking game to a whole new level. Multitasking has been made extremely simpler and easier with Snap View in Windows 8.

This allows you to snap two apps side-by-side. One of the apps will occupy a smaller portion of the screen, while the other one will be larger in size for a better view. This will come in handy in situations like chatting with a friend and browsing web at the same time.

Task Manager The task manager in Windows 8 has been greatly improved. It is intuitive to use and packed with several new features. When the program is launched, there will be a display of a complete list of things running on your device, divided in sections: It is not only clean and slick in looks but also allows seamless navigation. It is completely free. Windows 8 ISO file is safe and secured.

It is free of viruses so it will not harm your system. The contents of the Windows 8 ISO file can be easily extracted. Windows 8 ISO file is your ticket to all the useful and amazing features of Windows 8. Just download and enjoy Other search terms.

Windows 8 ISO

Get Microsoft Windows Pro ISO Download. Free direct link by Softlay. Without Media Creation Tool or Windows 8 Product key. Full version. The version 8 / features an amazing user interface as well as more beauty and functionality as you use it. With Microsoft announcing its end.

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Windows 8 Free Download 32 Bit – 64 Bit ISO official version. Here you can download complete ISO Windows 8 DVD bootable in single click and fast download. You can download Windows 8 or instead of buying it on a disc. A Windows or 8 ISO download can be burned to a disc or copied to a.

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Windows 8 full version download iso