Something that seems like it ought to be as easy as finding the tag of your shirt or your car’s VIN windows 8 product key viewer 1 4 7d download becomes more like unraveling the Da Vinci Code. Help is available in the form of Miscsoftware’s Product Key Viewer Professional, a utility that automatically locates the product keys in more than 1, Windows and other software products. It quickly returns any user data, activation keys, and license information on your installed apps and utilities. It can help average users keep better tabs on their software, but it can also lighten the load of network administrators who manage software license compliance. The product’s interface is commendably simple, just a tabular list in a dialog box with a few simple command buttons.

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windows 8 product key viewer 1 4 7d download

Sysinternals Suite Supported Systems: Windows XP and up for all tools except RAMMap, which is for Vista and up; some tools won’t run on bit systems This suite contains a long list of a variety of system utilities and troubleshooting tools, from system monitors to disk tools to maintenance.

Some of them are listed separately in this article. Startup Manager Autoruns Supported Systems: Windows XP and up Arguably the best tool of its kind, Autoruns gives you complete control over the things that run when you start Windows, including items in the Startup folder and items listed in the Registry.

It can be useful for optimizing the speed of your system by letting you disable unnecessary programs, and it can also help combat certain types of malware that run when Windows starts. This is a must-have for any computer repair kit. Windows XP and up An advanced process viewer. Process Explorer was once the best tool of its kind, but it is still useful for anyone who wants something better than Task Manager but doesn’t need all the whistles and bells. It lists all running processes in a hierarchical format, you can restart, suspend or kill processes, you can kill process trees, and you can set process priorities.

It also lets you view threads, strings, and other details about processes. It displays CPU and memory usage, and you can configure tray icons to show these as well. You can optionally configure it to replace Task Manager. Windows XP and up This advanced monitoring tool displays and logs file system, Registry and process activity in real-time.

You can filter the data by any field, and you can export it in csv and xml formats as well as the Process Monitor pml format. With these features and plenty more, Process Monitor can be a powerful tool in the hands of advanced users for troubleshooting problems or fighting malware. Supported Systems: Windows XP and up Other Requirements: NET Framework 2.

Windows System State Analyzer is probably enough for most people’s purposes – it’s used to create and compare snapshots of your system, which is useful if you want to see what changes are made by a program installation. Those who are interested can also install Windows System State Monitor, which is used to actively monitor changes to your system as if it were recording in real-time and save its findings in an automatically generated and formatted report.

One possible use for this is to see if certain program features cause any system changes. You can select “custom” during the installation to disable the unwanted components and install just these two utilities. You can find more information HERE. Windows XP and up This tool prints various system information and statistics to your desktop background.

You can choose from a list of different details to show, and advanced users can add custom ones as well. The appearence is also completely customizable. I personally find this extremely useful for monitoring servers at work. Just to clarify, it displays the information as snapshots and is NOT a real-time monitoring utility. Windows XP and up This tool provides a quick and easy way to see what users have what permissions to files, folders and registry keys.

If you find a permission that needs to be changed, you can right-click the item from within the program and view its properties. Autoplay Utility Supported Systems: For most users, these settings would otherwise be unavailable for adjustment. Unfortunately it does not have its own dedicated page so you need to scroll down to locate it. Search Tool Windows Search 4. You can search local or network folders, and you can modify exactly which folders are included and excluded.

By default it adds a search toolbar to the taskbar, and it can be closed if desired. The main search window includes a preview pane, and it lets you finetune your search by choosing which type of files you’re looking for.

It isn’t the fanciest search tool out there, but it certainly is a viable option for some and it can be installed via Windows Update. Windows Installation Tools Supported Systems: XP users require.

It verifies whether the computer meets the system requirements, and it will also report any known incompatibilities it finds with your hardware and installed programs. If any issues are found, it will provide recommendations on how to correct them.

If you choose a USB drive, however, please be aware that the tool must format the drive – erasing its contents – and the drive capacity must be at least 4GB.

It is worth noting that Windows 7 users can burn any ISO file to disc with no extra software – simply right-click the ISO file and selecting “Burn disc image”. Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 Mesh is a synchronization program that lets you synchronize files and folders between different machines over the Internet.

Although this program is mostly obsoleted by the SkyDrive application , Mesh does also allow you to sync settings for IE and Office. Additionally, if you log into your Live account, you can see a list of your computers that have Mesh installed, and you can remotely control any that are currently running Mesh this feature must be manually enabled in Mesh, and Internet Explorer is required.

Other remote control solutions are better, but it is a nice feature to have bundled with the program. Windows XP and up Other Requirements:. NET Framework v2. Ideal for sharing files across different computers, or for performing backups.

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