Windows photo viewer for windows 7 64 bit

Version 5. Now you can view and process images named in different types of characters e. Now you can press 1 to 9 to select a pre-defined destination folder Many other improvements and bug fixes Version 5. Now you can click and drag in image to adjust the curves directly.

Windows Photo Viewer 7 For Windows 7

windows photo viewer for windows 7 64 bit

You’d then only import the keepers and end up saving a lot of time. Get the free trial and see for yourself. Our viewer can also be extended by 3rd-party image decoders such as DjVu , supplied by other vendors, with more to come in the future.

See our Help and Tutorials page for in-depth coverage of the program’s main functions, including an extensive Getting Started guide. Grab the trial version from our download page and feel free to contact us if you have any questions: FastPictureViewer Professional Highlights: Fastest raw image viewer ever.

Fastest and best in industry! Rules-based, scriptable batch copy, move, delete, save-for-web automation, multi-threaded parallel execution. Flexible file management! Instantaneous display of the next image in line when computer resources allows through speculative image pre-loading and in-memory caching. Supports most common image formats. Professional color management , with ICC v2 and v4 profiles. Profiled monitor support.

Supports Canon Kyuanos color engine on Vista and Windows 7. Enables Explorer thumbnails. Native bit and bit editions for Windows 8. FPV Pro absolutely flies on hardware and will squeeze every last bits of your computer’s performance. FastPictureViewer Professional was inspired by a article from writer Eamon Hickey , describing the near impossible workflow of a picture editor working for Sports Illustrated and reviewing more than 16, raw files in just 6 hours. Check Eamon’s article – an excellent and entertaining read for any photo enthusiast – and if your workflow even remotely resembles what he describes then FastPictureViewer Professional is exactly what you need to get the job done.

The more pictures you have to review, the better: FastPictureViewer Professional was designed to handle large digital images thousands at a time and makes it easy to quickly view, rate, backup, copy, move and delete almost any number of photos.

The software was also designed with the needs of photographers in mind, so it supports industry-standards and first-class color management, along with essential tools like EXIF and RGB histogram, always available in floating “head-up-displays” that update themselves instantly, so they can be checked for every image without additional keystrokes.

FastPictureViewer does not try to be the next Swiss Army knife of image viewers, on the contrary it’s a simple program that does a few things very well, but don’t be fooled by the slick user-interface: FastPictureViewer Professional comes with a fast export-for-web function that creates web-ready small and medium size JPEGs, with optional sharpening, from any supported image format: The exported JPEGs exhibits an ideal balance between file weight and image quality, making them perfect for use on websites and photo-sharing communities.

It is also the only native bit, multicore-enabled application of its kind. The program features efficient batch delete and batch file management functions: Rules can be applied according to metadata, dates, file types and other criteria.

The batch file processor let users begin with point-and-click ease and plain English file management rules while advanced users can write their own custom actions in ECMAcompatible JavaScript or VBScript to automate their workflows in virtually every imaginable ways! About us: Axel Rietschin Software Developments, author and publisher of FastPictureViewer Professional and the FastPictureViewer Codec Pack products, is a privately held “family business” established in Geneva, Switzerland , the country of precision watches, delicious chocolate and blazing fast image viewers.

Axel started serious programming and hobby photography as a youngster almost at the same time, getting his first C compiler in and a Nikon FA shortly thereafter. He learned the rudiments of photography from his long-time friend Philippe Ayral, renowned French visual artist and former photojournalist, helping Philippe get around his first Apple II then Mac K computers at the same time. Axel first worked independently then for several companies ranging from small startups to huge multinationals, as software design engineer, lead developer, systems architect and CTO, before beginning formal studies of mathematics and starting the FastPictureViewer projects as a side job in early FastPictureViewer Professional has reached its 1st million downloads during February

photoviewer.dll, 4 available versions

Windows 7 has a default picture viewer called Windows Photo It is developed for Windows 7 only, both bit and bit files are given inside. Windows Photo Viewer – posted in Windows 7: Im having a problem with Windows Photo Viewer. OS: Windows 7 Home Premium bit.

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The Photo Viewer app in Windows 7 is not as fully featured as a dedicated software. We have compiled and updated a list of the best photo. Slideshow maker that allows you to add your own photos Automatic resizing of photos and on demand timer control Create an album or just browse and.

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Windows photo viewer for windows 7 64 bit