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Activation helps verify that your copy of Windows is genuine and that it has not been used on more computers than the Microsoft Software License Terms allow. Activation also helps prevent software counterfeiting. In order to continue using all the features in Windows Vista, activation is required. When you start Windows Vista the first time, you have 30 days to activate it online or by telephone. If the activation period expires before you complete the activation, many features of Windows Vista will be disabled.

To regain full use of Windows Vista, you must activate it. Note While activation for Windows Vista is still available through the online and automated phone system methods, assisted support for Windows Vista is no longer available. This includes assisted support for activation issues. To activate your copy of Windows Vista, you may need your valid product key. Note If Windows Vista was preinstalled by an original equipment manufacturer OEM , the product key appears on a sticker on the case of the computer.

To activate Windows Vista by telephone, you must use the automated telephone system. How to activate Windows on your computer To activate Windows Vista, follow these steps: Click Start , and then click Computer. Click System properties on the toolbar, and then click Click here to activate Windows now in the Windows activation area. If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the password, or click Continue.

Select the Windows Vista activation method that you want, and then follow the instructions. Note If you select the automatic activation method when you first set up your computer, the automatic activation process tries to activate your copy of Windows Vista three days after you first log on.

Verifying that Windows Vista is activated To verify that your copy of Windows Vista is activated, follow these steps: Click System properties on the toolbar, and view the Windows Vista activation status in the Windows activation area at the bottom of the System properties box. Note It may take several seconds for Windows Vista to retrieve your computer activation status. If you cannot activate Windows Vista over the Internet If you are re-installing Windows or reactivating Windows, the activation process may not be completed successfully when you try to activate Windows Vista over the Internet by using the Windows Activation Wizard.

If this occurs, you should activate Windows over the telephone. To activate Windows Vista over the telephone, follow these steps: The Windows Activation Wizard starts. Click Use the automated telephone system in the Windows Activation Wizard. If Windows Vista requests activation unexpectedly On rare occasions, you may be prompted to activate Windows Vista on a computer that did not previously require Windows Vista activation or was already activated successfully.

For example, this may occur on a computer where Windows Vista was preinstalled by an OEM or Volume Licensing installation and major hardware changes have occurred, such as upgrading the hard disk and memory at the same time.

If you are prompted to reactivate Windows Vista, you can do so by using the Windows Activation Wizard: To prevent this problem in the future, you should obtain the latest service pack for your installed version of Windows Vista, either through automatic updates or direct download. To update Windows Vista and prevent this Activation problem from reoccurring: Click Check for updates.

As soon as Windows Vista has found the updates, click the Install updates button. Last Updated: Sep 28,

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