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Advanced Win Utilities Free All-in-one System Utility One click to get over 20 free tools like PC cleaner, file shredder, password manager, automation software and many more to increase your system speed, eliminate winutilities history cleaner fault, improve system security and meet all other expectations. It offers an attractive and easy to use interface that organizes all tasks into categories. Don’t bog down your PC by installing several different utilities. The computer’s registry can become corrupted by spyware and winutilities history cleaner.

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winutilities history cleaner

I always find it distasteful when any program requires opt-out instead of opt-in for such bundles. I find it even more distasteful when shareware programs do this. The developer is already making money by selling you the program. However, if shareware programs do have such options they should most definitely be opt-in instead of opt-out.

In other words, they are compilations of many different features yet none of the features can match up to the functionality provided by a specialized programs. That being said, the best way to go about reviewing a software like WinUtilities is See how reliable the software is; See how many features the software has and how effective they are. So, lets begin. Reliability When it comes to software that claim to be able to repair and clean your registry, defrag your register, remove junk files, defrag your hard drive, etc.

When trying to evaluate the reliability of a system utility, there are two major things to look for: However the former is still important because it provides a nice safety blanket. For both criteria, WinUtilities passes with flying colors… for the most part anyway. Now, I say this with confidence because the best way to know if a program is reliable is to use it over time and see if it messes up your computer.

So the best system utility is the one with the most features… right? Eh, not necessarily. However, as I already said, the point of a software like WinUtilties is not to offer a unique feature but rather to offer many features. In other words, on a superficial level, quantity over quality; and WinUtilities has a lot of quantity.

As you can see, WinUtilities is extremely feature filled; and WinUtilities does not compromise function over form: REG backups so users can restore the backups without having to have WinUtilities installed. The bad thing is each backup created is put in C: Another downside to doing registry backups this way is the fact that.

REG files are uncompressed; if WinUtilities used a proprietary format, it probably could have been compressed the backups. However, personally speaking, I prefer the non-compress and non-proprietary. REG method over compress and proprietary backup formats. The reason I like EXE protector is, although not unique, it is a rare feature among other programs.

EXE file. Whenever someone tries to run the protected EXE file he or she is prompted to enter a password; if the password is entered properly, the person is able to execute the EXE. If not, they will be locked out. In other words, EXE protector is a quick and painless way to control access to programs.

In other words, for example, you can be cleaning out your registry and shredding files at the same time. Do take note, though, to not run conflicting modules at the same time, otherwise you may create a problem for yourself. Memory optimizer is the stereotypical memory-overloading type. CleanMem is a lot better. Lastly, but not the least: WinUtilities has this annoying habit of opening module windows underneath the main program window.

This is very annoying because it forces users to manually minimize the main program window if they want access to the window behind or bring the module windows to the front by using the taskbar. WinUtilities has a portable edition. However, the portable version is outdated, currently the latest one being v9. This review was conducted on a laptop running Windows 7 Professional bit. The specs of the laptop are as follows:

1. History Clean

Free Download WinUtilities History Cleaner – Protect your privacy and improve your computer’s performance by washing unwanted data and. Many things that you do on your computer are tracked and the evidences of them are stored on the system. These evidences gets easily.

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Improved UI design for Windows 10; Updated database for Process Security module; Added more cleaning plugins for History Cleaner module. Equipped with a PC registry cleaner & repair tool, Advanced Win Utilities Free temp folder, run history, search history, download history, recent documents, etc.

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Winutilities history cleaner