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June 16, Meet the most unusual frogs of the Western Ghats As wildlife filmmakers and photographers, my twin Ajay and I have been on a few near-impossible missions: But nothing prepared us for the complexities of our latest project: The Indian purple frog, Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis, is as old as the dinosaur and looks a lot like a glob of jelly. And it spends most of the year buried underground, emerging on just one day to breed.

When biologist S. Biju discovered the purple frog in , he became an overnight herpetological rockstar. It is believed that no more than a few hundred of these individual frogs remain. The next year, we made it back to the same spot, but the rains failed: Year three, we decided to give it a last shot. Close to midnight, cameras in hand, we trudged up to a water stream and waited patiently as the first drops of rain hit the earth in this corner of the Western Ghats.

We did this every night for the next 27 nights. Our beards grew long, our arms progressively more painful from shifting the lens frantically in the direction of a frog call in anticipation of a sighting. And then, it happened. The calls of the male purple frog grew louder. They expend a lot of energy calling from their burrows: They then emerged, slightly muddy, with the gait of sumo wrestlers ready to take on their opponents.

When they began to virtually hand-wrestle, we had to stifle our chuckles. A few hours later, a female made her way out of her subterranean den. She was far bigger, six times heavier. She paired with a male, snacked on termites briefly and then moved 30 to 40 meters upstream to find a suitable site to lay eggs. The incubatory pool has to be just right, and one that stays undisturbed long enough to allow the eggs to hatch. The monsoon will then wash away the emerging tadpoles into the main channel.

We followed the pair, scrambling over rocks and trudging through slush and moist leaf litter, keeping a close watch and safe distance so our filming did not disturb them. Our purple frog finally managed to find a suitable hole and began releasing eggs.

The species is an explosive breeder, laying thousands of fertilised eggs, although only few will survive. We were in such disbelief at our good fortune that our hands were literally shaking. This was the first time we would film the entire breeding behaviour of this species that is still an enigma to the scientific world. The swamps here are perennial and perfect for these frogs that are stream-dependent.

Said to have evolved 85 million years ago, these inhabitants of torrential streams have evolved a unique repertoire of audio-visual communication to counter the ambient noise. Ajay Bedi and Vijay Bedi Perched on rocks were dozens of dancers, posing and performing what looked distinctly like the tap-dance — complete with foot-flagging, leg-stretches and toe-pointing. Soon a female emerged, almost twice the size of the male, and territorial fights broke out on the rock tops.

We knew it could be only one thing: Its family is one of the three oldest families of frogs in the Western Ghats, dating back to about 90 million years. The kumbara night frog or Nyctibatrachus kumbara displays something even more human than dancing: While we marvelled at the quiet charisma of these tiny creatures, we were also acutely aware of the threats they face.

Amphibians are particularly sensitive to changes in thermal and hydric environments because of their unshelled eggs and highly permeable skin. They breathe through their skin and any changes in moisture levels impact them severely, making them vulnerable to diseases.

Climate change is an overarching threat, as are the thousands of hydel dams coming up in the Western Ghats affecting rivers and streams, endangering the life-cycles of these magnificent creatures of the wild.

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